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Feminist Talk 2!

Come to #WashHeights and join our Feminist Talk 2 on Sunday, March 16th. Our aim is to build bridges of solidarity amongst women working to advance our spiritual, socio-political and economic struggles for liberation. Check out the FB Event page for more details!



D.U.B  is currently collaborating with artists and artesanas (craftswomen) in Washington Heights, who are experts in Dominican cake-making, event decoration, interior design, jewelry making, sewing, crochet, knitting, and painting to promote women’s artistry, contribute in sharpening the skills of women in the community, and support processes of self-sustanaibility in our communities in response to the increasing number of unemployment.

This initiative is called creArte, which has a dual meaning in Spanish- to create art and create self.

To find out more about these courses click here.

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